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Elisa cella civilta flat 1 bn

Basalt Lineart

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Elisa cella civilta flat 2 bn

Granite Lineart

Elisa cella civilta flat 3


Elisa cella civilta flat 3 bn

Amethyst Lineart

Study of 3 different Civilizations.

The first one, Basalt, it's a simple civilization where rural people live. The main cities are on the mountains and the people, thanks to the raw materials, are also great artisans who create many products for the other civilizations such as pottery, cloth, glass and golden products. The poorest families, who aren't able to work, can also decide to sell themselves as slaves of the 3rd civilization to survive.

The second one, called Granite, it's a very cultural civilization known for it's strict rules. Most of the people are priests or mages, and they have a lot of schools for magic and engineering. Water is key to their technology, indeed they live close to rivers and waterfalls.

The third one, Amethyst, is the most cruel yet advanced of the whole world. Here technology and magic work together, and the people like to live in total luxury. They have slaves and they rule the world, though they use the other two societies to develop themselves.

November 12, 2018